LottoMatz operates effectively as a mobile point of sale which can be used by authorised mobile agents to stake or place bets for customers. Authorised mobile agents with LottoMatz Stakers mobile app installed and preconfigured on their mobile devices (Phones, tablets etc) can be approached by customers in their respective locations to place their bets. LottoMatz mobile Point-of-Sale provides a fast, easy, reliable and convenient means for customers to stake or place bets on lottery games. In addition to staking on lottery games, tickets for each transaction are printed out automatically using a portable bluetooth printer paired directly with the mobile device. With LottoMatz Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS), customers can also be registered and depending on the policy of the organisation, winnings can also be paid out to customers (with winning tickets) on time after draws are conducted and the results processed and authorised for payouts. LottoMatz mPOS is safe, secured and easy to use with little or no hitches experienced thereby presenting lottery companies with an avenue to rack up their sales volume and profit returns

Services provided

  • Lottery Managemnet Console
  • Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS)
  • Online Lottery
  • Mobile Gaming