LOTTOMATZ MANAGEMENT CONSOLE is a highly secured and role-based system comprising of a number of highly inter-dependent solutions developed by seasoned professionals. LottoMatz Management console presents lottery companies and authorised principal agencies with the tools and technology needed to effectively manage the entire administrative operations which basically is the core or heart of any successful lottery company.

There are two major components of the LottoMatz Management Console:

LottoMatz Admin Console is a web-based administrative portal designed to specifically administer, monitor and manage the entire operations within a typical Lottery Organisation. With the LottoMatz Admin console, authorized admin officers can carry out a comprehensive end-to-end control of the entire administrative and operational processes.

LottoMatz Admin Console is packed with a number of exciting features and functionalities which includes the following:

 Basic Administrative settings: Basic administrative setting required to keep the entire LottoMatz Suite running are setup by authorised admin officers. This includes Setting up Bank Account Details, Setting up Lottery Games, Game Types, Game Schedule, Stake Type and Stake Settings.
 Agency Management: All principal agencies are duly registered and subsequently confirmed and approved by authorised admin officers on the LottoMatz admin portal. LottoMatz is quite flexible and allows for both singular and multiple additions of agencies. Lastly, all transactions between approved agencies and the lottery company can be processed and monitored seamlessly from LottoMatz admin console.
 Terminal Management: Terminal Management module is designed to aid authorized admin officers to setup terminals, issue terminals to Principal Agencies, monitor all terminal transactions and locations realtime and also carry out certain control actions on all terminals.
 Result Management: Depending on the assigned role, administrative officers can enter, process and enable payout immediately after draw for lottery games are conducted. A summary of the total winners per game type and the total possible winnings are displayed just before payout is enabled.
 Payout: After draws are concluded for each game and payout enable by authorised admin officers, winning tickets can be searched using the their ticket number, phone number used for the transaction or barcode scanning to ascertain eligibility for payout. LottoMatz payout system is highly secure and payment is only enabled once per winning ticket as duplicates are automatically rendered invalid.
 Live Staking Monitor: Transactions conducted across various platforms can be monitored realtime from the admin console using the Live staking monitor. This displays specific information about all transactions including the terminal number, agency info, bet-type, bets, and terminal location.
 Accounts Reconciliation: LottoMatz provides an audit trail of payments and transactions between key stakeholders (Agents and Lottery Company). With LottoMatz, admin users can register or log payments made by agents and view a comprehensive report and analysis of all transactions which could serve as a valueable mechanism for future decision making

2) LOTTOMATZ MASTER CONSOLE LottoMatz Master Console is a web-based administrative portal designed for Principal agents to manage the activities or operations of their respective sub-agents. Activities and transaction of registered sub-agents are monitored seamlessly by the Principal agent from LottoMatz Master Console. Available features on the LottoMatz Master Console include:
 Sub-agent registration and management
 Assignment of terminals to sub-agents
 Sub-agents transaction management
 Terminal control and tracking
 Real-time live staking monitor and lots more